Welcome to Team Jaegar

Jaegar, a derivative of the German Jager, means hunter. A very apt name for this 3 year old German Shepherd. He has been with me since he was 10 weeks old and in training since he was six months old. We chose Jaegar as he was the puppy which just wouldnt give up the toy (in this case a plastic bottle). A strong play drive (or prey drive) is an essential part of a good search dog.
K9 Jaegar is being trained in area search (nose up) and HRD (cadaver) work. He shows great potential for both and is well on his way to certification levels.
My name is Steven and I have come from a different background than most for SAR work. I am an IT nerd by trade having been in the industry for over 30 years. In my spare time I have been a volunteer ambo, a volunteer firefighter and also worked as a security guard. Through these volunteer positions I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in emergency response as well as a desire to help those in need.
Together we form Team Jaegar.