Like most volunteer organisations K9 SAR receives no government funding. We provide the search and rescue services through the kind donations and dedication of our volunteers. We DO NOT charge for our services and provide this service at the request of emergency services.

Volunteer K9 handlers pay all their own expenses for their equipment as well as what is needed for their dog. Training to certification takes about two years; constant on-going training is required in order to be mission-ready. Here are a few examples provided by a K9 team member of what your dollars will help purchase:

$50 -   K9 first aid kit to be carried in field 
$60 -   K9 cooling vest for warm weather conditions 
$50 -   K9 search vest for identification 
$600 - Garmin astro with dog collar for tracking dog in the field and navigation. Almost all of our team members personally purchase one of these. 
$135 -   short range hand held radio (we all carry these) 
$900 - VHF hand held mission radio - most of us carry these. We also carry a supply for our team on missions 
$100 - assorted collars and leashes 
$20 -   night lights for dog collars for night searches 
$80 -   headlamps for handlers for night searchers 
$100 - k9 life vest for water searches or transport to mission location 
$20 - $50 - portable water bowls, toys/dog snacks for rewards 
$20 -   K9 energy bars for in-field energy replenishment 
$100 - K9 doggles and ear muffs for helicopter transport 
$25 -   muzzle for helicopter transport 

...And this is just some of the equipment a K9 team needs to purchase, In addition there is the usual veterinary care and fuel for our vehicles for transport to missions and training.