Search Technician

The Search Technician is the primary role of every operational member of K9 SAR Inc.

The Search Technician has the responsibility of turning up at a search with the appropriate clothing and equipment and be fit and well enough to go out and search for the missing person in the search tasking they have been given.

Search Technician is trained to K9 SAR Inc Standards and needs to be competent in the key aspects of search including navigation, radio operation, first aid, scenes of crime preservation and rescue techniques.

In the early days a Search Technician will be supported and coached at all times by their fellow experienced Search Technicians as well as their K9 Search Technician. At all times Search Technicians must take and receive direction from their K9 Search Technician.

The Search Technician needs to learn and become proficient in many soft skills such as being able to give briefings, work in a team, interviewing / gathering information from third parties, handling difficult / sensitive situations, ensuring care of team members before, during and after the search as well as being able to de-brief with the team at the end of the search.