Photos of Zeehan Progression

Working Bee Zeehan

Posted April 17, 2017 by Dr. Steven P. Goldsmith
Clearing of the block top provide a flat base for the shed commenced on Good Friday. The day started off well with the 'Base A' unloaded and placed in the driveway area previously cleared. The gate was hung on the hinge (as opposed to being tied on) and things were looking good.
Jeff did a fantastic job as always, working with some very persistent weeds and thistles and gorse which just didn't want to move.

Unfortunately without the resident chef in attendance we bypassed lunch for the day and sufficed with coffee and biscuits. Jaegar had a great time dragging us through the gorse bushes whilst on his 'Search' practice for the day. A big thanks for our incumbent 'Dogsbody' Tiggy for ensuring the hide was in the middle of the gorse.!!

Dinner was a simple affair with lots of conversation around the plans for the next day.

Easter Saturday started with Bacon and Egg Muffins and coffee, everyone trying to work out how they slept in such awkward positions... OK  Jeff a cabin for you next time I promise! Then back to the block for more work. I kept the coffee going for the day and Jeff managed to level off the pad area as best as possible.

End result.... gate finished, driveway packed and able to be driven on, pad roughly levelled. So we are ready for the next working bee. Just 30 tonne of base A, some concrete and an auger and we will be able to sink the piers for the shed. All hands on deck for the next one folks!
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